Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sylvia McFarland's Pictures

My Thought On Sylvia McFarland

This is my blog on Sylvia McFarlad. I really don't know much about her. But I have seen some photos of Sylvia. I can see that she once was a porn star, and she loved being photographed nude. I would like to share my thought on this lovely woman.

I think she is a very sexy woman, even for her age at that time. But just look at her lovely natural body, my gosh. I stated becoming a fan since the first time I seen her photos. She has lovely big breats, and a very hairy pussy, witch I think it looks good on her. I ber she was a nice, sweet person who had a outgoing fun side to her. Where ever she is, I think she is soo sexy.

I wanted to share my collection of photos I have of her. You are more welcome to comment of what you think. And what are your thought when you see Sylvia. Thanks....